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Programmatic Advertisement Platforms: The 10 Best For 2023

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Business Software and Tools

Programmatic advertisement platforms are a win-win solution for both publishers and advertisers. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which platform is right for you and your business. In this article, we will provide an overview of the 10 best programmatic advertisement platforms of 2023. So what are the best programmatic advertisement platforms for 2023 you may ask? We’ll review each one and determine which platform tops the list in this highly competitive digital marketing domain.

What is the best programmatic advertisement platform?

Among some very strong competition, PubMatic stands out as the all-around best programmatic advertising platform for 2023. Their advertising platform clearly has the client in mind, as they strive to provide cutting-edge, scalable and customisable ad inventory and digital marketing solutions. PubMatic promotes an open and trustworthy digital marketing ecosystem, which helps facilitate optimal outcomes for all involved.

Now, let’s take a look at the 10 best programmatic advertising platforms of 2023.

  1. PubMatic
  2. Google Ads
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. MediaMath
  5. Adobe Advertising Cloud
  6. The Trade Desk
  7. AdRoll
  8. SmartyAds
  9. Xandr
  10. War Room

PubMatic – Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

A screenshot of PubMatic- one of the 10 best programmatic advertisement platforms for 2023.


With PubMatic, you’ll have access to a comprehensive programmatic ad platform that caters to both publishers and marketers all in one convenient place. PubMatic gives you access to programmatic ad inventory from multiple sources, including major search engines and social media sites. You can also use its proprietary technology to optimise your programmatic ad campaigns and improve their performance.


  • Comprehensive programmatic ad platform for both publishers and marketers
  • A secure marketplace full of high-quality ad inventory
  • Many options for ad customisation
  • Real-time data analytics to help optimise ad campaigns
  • Fraudless program refunds to guard against illegitimate activity


A screenshot of PubMatic pricing options.

Contact PubMatic directly to get a quote on advertising solutions for your business.

Bottom Line On PubMatic’s Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

PubMatic is widely regarded as a powerhouse in its industry, fielding more than 1.5 trillion ad bids every day and holding an impressive inventory of premium advertisements. With a secure marketplace full of high-quality ad inventory, PubMatic is the clear choice for one of the best programmatic advertising platforms of 2023.

A screenshot of Google Ads- one of the 10 best programmatic advertisement platforms for 2023.Overview

Google Ads is a powerful programmatic ad inventory and digital marketing platform that is used by millions of advertisers around the world. It offers advanced targeting options and allows you to create highly customised ad campaigns, based on keywords and search terms. This uniquely focuses the ads to target consumers who are actually looking for a product or service you might provide.


  • Best suited to medium or larger businesses for targeted traffic
  • CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) pricing models
  • Location targeting, demographics and customer interest for marketing
  • Bid for relevant keywords to your business to maximise audience exposure
  • Highly scalable advertising solutions


A screenshot of Google Ads pricing options.

Google Ads can quote a projected result based on your specific business budget.

Bottom Line On Google Ad’s Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

Google Ads is a powerful programmatic advertisement platform that has sophisticated targeting capabilities and allows for highly customised campaigns. It’s affordable for most business sizes and types, with gold-standard analysis and reporting features. Good Ads is easy to set up, use, and manage any programmatic campaign for your business.

Facebook Ads- Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

A screenshot of Facebook Ads- one of the 10 best programmatic advertisement platforms for 2023.


With 1.6 billion users connected to a Facebook business, there’s certainly scope for successful marketing using this social media platform. Facebook Ads are one of the most popular programmatic advertising platforms available. It offers a variety of targeted options and allows you to create fully customised campaigns that are tailored to your audience.


  • Access to a large, diverse range of ad inventory
  • Offers sophisticated advertising target options
  • Easy to set up and manage programmatic ad campaigns
  • Suitable for both small and large businesses
  • Provides detailed analytics and reporting features


A screenshot of Facebook Ads pricing options.

Pricing for Facebook and Meta technologies is completely variable, depending on your budget.

Bottom Line On Facebook Ad’s Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

Many small and large companies have attested that Facebook Ads are the ultimate platform for boosting sales and promoting products on the internet. They’re incredibly effective due to their precise targeting capabilities. This allows you to hone in on the exact audience that is most likely to be interested in your content or product, leading to higher engagement rates and conversions.


A screenshot of MediaMath- one of the 10 best programmatic advertisement platforms for 2023.


With a renowned reputation for delivering comprehensive marketing management and omnichannel ad campaigns, it’s no wonder MediaMath is the choice of more than 3,500 advertisers. MediaMath is an ad platform for digital marketers who want access to programmatic optimisation tools and ad inventory from multiple sources. It also provides detailed analytics and reporting functionality.


  • ‘MediaMath audience’ feature for optimal data integration
  • Outstanding customer service and technical support
  • Flexible and powerful omnichannel ad campaigns
  • Customised pricing for your business needs
  • Sharing capabilities with external SSP partners to deliver better CPAs


A screenshot of MediaMath pricing options.

The cost of MediaMath for businesses varies depending on the programmatic ads campaigns and strategies that are implemented. Contact MediaMath for more details.

Bottom Line On Media Math’s Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

MediaMath are the only demand-side platform (DSP) to deliver predicted action rate data with external SSP partners. This innovative technology is a major part of why MediaMath are revolutionising the advertising game. With the full range of advertising options including display, native, video, audio and digital out-of-home ads, you can be sure that all potential markets have been considered. MediaMath are no doubt a great choice if you’re in the market for a top-performing programmatic advertisement platform for 2023.

Adobe Advertising Cloud- Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

A screenshot of Adobe Advertising Cloud- one of the 10 best programmatic advertisement platforms for 2023.


Adobe is already a household name in terms of software products. But did you know they also provide one of the best programmatic advertising platforms? Enter Adobe Advertising Cloud. This digital marketing platform specialises in connected TV, video, display, native, audio, and search campaign ads to offer advertisers an end-to-end marketing solution. Adobe Advertising Cloud has a client-based focus and is a great platform to help maximise your overall results.


  • Specialising in inventory management and people-based marketing
  • End-to-end stack ad campaigns for businesses
  • Provides real-time bidding and targeting capabilities
  • Offers advanced analytics, insights, and reporting based on customer behaviour, retargeting and geolocation
  • Integrated performance intelligence to increase brand awareness and conversions


A screenshot of Adobe Advertising Cloud pricing options.

Contact Adobe Advertising Cloud for more information on their comprehensive range of advertising products.

Bottom Line On Adobe Advertising Cloud’s Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

Relatively unmatched in the advertising world, this platform has successfully integrated and streamlined all media outlets, devices, data analysis and creative elements with accurate results. Adobe Advertising Cloud offers advanced analytics, insights, and reporting features to help you understand your business performance and optimise campaigns for maximum ROI. There’s no doubt Adobe Advertising Cloud could be a valuable tool in your digital marketing toolkit.

The Trade Desk

A screenshot of The Trade Desk- one of the 10 best programmatic advertisement platforms for 2023.Overview

The Trade Desk is a platform designed for digital marketers who want to leverage analytics and support the growth of their brands. It offers programmatic optimisation features, detailed reporting, and top-shelf targeting capabilities. Boasting an array of data providers, this platform effortlessly accesses superior audiences, earning it a well-deserved high rating among the 10 best programmatic advertising platforms for 2023.


  • Lookalike modelling allows clients to maximise client reach
  • Expand market share to gain new audiences while targeting the exact customers you seek
  • Direct access to premium content from premium publishers with complete transparency
  • Combined digital out-of-home, tv, video, audio, native and mobile advertising solutions
  • ‘OpenPath’ technology makes it easy for customers to access top-tier publishers all around the open internet.


A screenshot of The Trade Desk pricing options.

Contact The Trade Desk to experience their comprehensive suite of digital advertising solutions.

Bottom Line On The Trade Desk’s Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

The Trade Desk is a programmatic advertisement platform designed to maximise your return on ad spend. It provides detailed reporting, targeting capabilities and programmatic optimisation tools. With access to premium publishers and lookalike modelling, as well as OpenPath technology, this platform gives you an unparalleled audience reach, where everyone involved gets the best results.

AdRoll- Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

A screenshot of AdRoll- one of the 10 best programmatic advertisement platforms for 2023.


If you’re a part of the eCommerce realm, then AdRoll is an ideal choice to consider. This programmatic advertising platform affords users similar advantages to other platforms, but with improved targeting accuracy. AdRoll’s trustworthiness is evidenced by the 22,000+ brands that rely on them every day. They’re a prominent and reliable advertising platform that can provide your business with a positive ROI and new customers.


  • Detailed insights and tailored ad campaigns
  • Variety of payment plans, such as CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPC (cost per click), or a combination of both
  • Discounts on larger campaigns which saves money on programmatic ad campaigns
  • No technical knowledge is required for users
  • Powerful demographics, geolocation data, behavioural analytics and social media metrics


A screenshot of AdRoll pricing options.

AdRoll’s pricing structure is designed to be flexible and adaptable for companies of all sizes.

The two pricing tiers are:

  • Pay As You Go
  • Marketing & Ads Plus: $36USD/month

Bottom Line On AdRoll’s Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

AdRoll is an excellent programmatic advertisement platform for businesses of all sizes. Its comprehensive targeting and optimisation features make it easy to create effective ad campaigns that are tailored to the needs of your business. With a variety of payment plans, volume discounts, and detailed analytics, AdRoll provides everything you need to programmatically advertise your business.


A screenshot of SmartyAds- one of the 10 best programmatic advertisement platforms for 2023.


SmartyAds is a popular choice among both advertisers and publishers, as it presently boasts an astounding 500 million monthly impressions in the United States. This programmatic ad platform is designed to streamline the advertising process, giving companies complete control over who they conduct business with. SmartyAds provide a comprehensive suite of tools for both advertisers and publishers alike, empowering them to make educated decisions that lead to better outcomes.


  • Full Stack programmatic advertising for both advertisers and publishers
  • High scalability for businesses with streamlined advertising solutions
  • ‘White Label’ platform is an innovative solution for media buying, selling and data activation
  • Increased click-through rates and conversion boosts for advertisers
  • Higher yields and fill rates with more engagement for publishers


A screenshot of Smarty Ads pricing and demonstration options.

Contact the team at SmartyAds to request a demo today.

Bottom Line On SmartyAds Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

SmartyAds’ programmatic ad platform makes running advertisements simpler than ever for large and small businesses alike. You can customise spending limits and frequency caps for targeting specific audiences. SmartyAds provides a thoughtful way of advertising that gives businesses ultimate authority on how they advertise their products and services.

Xandr- Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

A screenshot of Xandr- one of the 10 best programmatic advertisement platforms for 2023.


Xandr is a leader in the ad exchange space. They provide over 6.7 billion daily impressions and service nearly 200 thousand brands worldwide. Xandr allows publishers to both demand and supply ads across numerous platforms with a range of features tailored for each type of advertisement. With Xandr, advertisers can take their buying strategies to the next level with innovative data analytics.


  • DSP & SSP solutions for businesses within many industries
  • Cutting-edge data empowers advertisers to maximise their purchase strategies
  • User-friendly platform designed for users to easily optimise campaigns
  • Highly efficient ad campaigns across all digital screens
  • Access to premium inventory with maximum reach


A screenshot of how to find out about Xandr pricing options.

Contact Xandr for a detailed quote on their advertising solutions for your business.

Bottom Line On Xandr Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

Xandr is a premier choice for the best programmatic advertising platform of 2023. Xandr bridges the gap between media buyers and sellers, providing seamless connections across all formats and devices. Xandr is a sophisticated and comprehensive advertisement platform for medium and enterprise-level businesses looking to streamline their digital marketing.

War Room

OverviewA screenshot of War Room- one of the 10 best programmatic advertisement platforms for 2023.

War Room merges the effectiveness of state-of-the-art programmatic technology with human knowledge to generate ‘customised advertising strategies that convert.’ This programmatic advertising platform offers users plenty of advertising tools at their disposal. With access to more than 90,000 high-quality publishers and ad networks, every advertiser is well-catered.


  • Search to display, social media and video marketing, native advertising, audio ads & Metaverse campaigns
  • Benefit from a reach greater than 97% of their competitors
  • Work with a dedicated Account Manager to co-ordinate ad campaigns
  • Unique to this platform is Kedet, War Room’s bespoke programmatic technology
  • SCORE methodology (Strategise, Compete, Optimise, Reporting, Explore) established to promote deep analysis of your business and its advertising opportunities


A screenshot of how to contact War Room for pricing options.

For a thorough overview of their pricing, get in touch with War Room’s programmatic experts today.

Bottom Line on War Room’s Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

War Room is last but not least on the list of the 10 best programmatic advertising platforms for 2023. They offer experienced ad specialists who are highly skilled at strategizing sales techniques that help expand your brand and meet the goals of your business. With War Room, you have endless opportunities to market your business in an approachable and results-driven format.

What Are Programmatic Advertisement Platforms?

Programmatic advertising is a type of digital marketing that uses programmatic ad inventory to deliver targeted advertisements to users. It is an automated process, where advertisers can buy and sell ad space on websites or apps in real time. This form of digital marketing is responsible for providing the technology needed to make programmatic buying possible.

There are four main categories within the programmatic advertising world; demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platforms (SSPs), ad exchanges and data management platforms.

An overhead view of the whole digital marketing process looks like this:

Supply-side platforms are designed to provide publishers with data and offer it up for ad exchanges. These same ad exchanges then distribute this data to the demand-side platform, which acts as a middleman between advertisers and buyers in an auction process that starts at each impression of an advertisement.

Undoubtedly, the most important advantage of programmatic advertising platforms is scalability. Reaching more of your target audience, potential buyers and a worldwide marketplace is the ultimate goal. Hence why around 76% of marketing professionals use programmatic advertisement platforms regularly.

Final Thoughts On Programmatic Advertisement Platforms

Using programmatic advertisement platforms can be a great way to reach a larger, more targeted audience, improve ROI and maximise your digital marketing efforts. Each platform has its own unique features, pricing options, and capabilities that make it suitable for different types of businesses. If you’re looking for the best programmatic advertising platforms of 2023, these are some of the top options available. Choose one that best suits the needs of your business and start optimising your programmatic ad campaigns today.


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